Relationship Between The Type Of Producer And The Marketing Strategies Applied

Relationship Between The Type Of Producer And The Marketing Strategies Applied

It is important to have classified the type of producers since we have a parameter to be able to measure the impact that we can have within the market with our strategies. A producer classified as advanced when carrying out the three activities of production, product transformation, and commercialization, will have greater control (over all aspects of their product in costs, raw material supply, processes, distribution, and commercialization), than a basic producer that you are only in a link with a single activity and more exposed to the entry of new competitors.

It is important to note that there are countless marketing strategies to be applied to the agricultural sector, but it is important to do so according to the type of producer, for them to work and be useful in supporting better marketing. There are strategies that in principle can be seen as totally alien and may even seem more attached to the operation or administration, but deep down they are directly related and their application will have a favorable impact on generating higher sales and increased profits. 

Do You Know How To Make Effective Email Marketing Campaigns?

One of the most common mistakes in the use of email marketing in agriculture is that they only dedicate themselves to sending sales emails.

Make a mix, combine sales-oriented emails with a content format that brings you closer and generates interest to the potential customer.

 Up-Selling and Cross-Selling Strategy for Agricultural Ecommerce 

If you have agricultural e-commerce, these strategic techniques are for you.

One of the simplest ways to increase the sales of your agricultural SME is through the application of Up-Selling and Cross-Selling.

What Is Up-selling ?

Up-Selling is defined as a technique of marketing and sales is to offer the customer a similar product that they have bought or want to buy.

Sometimes upselling is about offering a higher value product or service than the one your potential customer wants to buy.

Relationship Between The Type Of Producer And The Marketing Strategies Applied

What Is Cross-selling ?

Cross-selling or cross-selling is to offer a potential customer or client complementary agricultural something to the product or service you want to buy or have bought.

It is simply based on a database of agricultural customers who are offered days, weeks, or months after their last purchase an offer/promotion that is usually related to their last purchase.

If you carry out the combination of these marketing and sales techniques with email marketing, you will likely be able to increase your turnover.

 Agricultural Storytelling Strategy

Telling stories that work, that’s why all love marks and other companies practice storytelling. It is key that you know this strategy.

What Is Agricultural Storytelling?

Agricultural storytelling is the term used in marketing to allude to the art of telling stories.

A technique used to try to sell by telling stories about the product, services, or the brand.

Empathizing and connecting emotionally with our target audience in a closer way, providing a touch of differentiation.

 Experiences Or Experiential Marketing Strategy

If we talk about differentiation,  experience marketing is a good way to stand out from your competitors.  

In the business world of agriculture, it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the competition.

But agricultural customers love emotions, live experiences.

What Is Experiential Marketing ?

Experiential marketing is based on the client and their experiences, on the contrary, traditional marketing is based on aspects of the product such as its quality, characteristics, and benefits.

The key issue of experience marketing is that the agricultural customer opts for a product or service because of the experience and experience that he obtains before the purchase and while consuming it. 

Humanize your brand and feel like a customer.

To sell through emotions and feelings !!!

 Sem Strategy For The Agricultural Sector

Digital advertising on Google is advertising that appears in the upper and lower results pages of the search when you make a specific search.

But the reality is that there are many problems since many agricultural companies begin to carry out their first Google Adwords campaigns without any type of strategy to watch their back.

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